Why Get Fit?

By Coach Travis Mash

Why get fit? That’s a question that we have all asked ourselves. What are the answers though? Sure we have the surface answers:

  • To look good
  • To feel good
  • So we can attract the opposite sex
  • Look good naked
  • Look good on the beach

These are the answers that I directly link to the failure of most people to stay in shape. These answers are too shallow. Fitness is a lifestyle and a commitment. This kind of commitment requires a deeper answer to the original question. I believe that lifelong fitness requires a certain conviction that originates deep inside. We must all find that conviction that leads to a life of fitness.

Early in my life my fitness was driven by a desire to change my circumstances. I wanted to play college football. I wanted people to see me as a champion. It was my identity. I was driven beyond most anyone’s comprehension to be the best. This sounds like an admirable desire. It’s not.

I am driven by much more pure goals at this point of my life. I have a wife and children that I love with all my heart. I have a team of athletes that I coach that I also love. I train now, so that I can stay healthy enough to hike with my wife and play with my children. I want to play with my grandchildren. I love training sometimes with my athletes.

Now I train to inspire others to better their own lives. I want to inspire my family to do the same. I want my son Rock to begin a life of fitness and helping others. I want to inspire my team to become champions for more reasons that self-glory. I want all of you to get in shape for a bigger reason than looking good or some other shallow desire for self-glorification.

I want you all to take a moment to look deep within yourself. What means the most to you? Do you have someone you love? Do you have someone that you want to inspire to be healthier? These are reasons to get is shape for life. These are reasons to workout when you are busy at work. These are reasons not to put on those extra pounds over the holidays.

When you make fitness about something other than self-image or some other shallow reason made popular my the media, then you will have a reason to make fitness a lifestyle. Every time I get lazy I look at my wife and children, and I find a way to get off the couch and in the gym. I owe it to them. They deserve a husband and father that will stay healthy enough to love them the most.

You can do the same. You must find your own reason to stay healthy. I recommend finding something bigger than just you. It’s there. I promise. You just have to look. I recommend spending some quiet time alone praying and meditating, and there you will find that purpose.

I want all of you to experience a lifetime of health and fitness. I want to inspire my family and team, but I also want to inspire all of you. On my deathbed, I want to look back over my life and know that you too were influenced to live a better and healthier life. I can only pray that you too will find such purpose in life.

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Thanks for reading,

Coach Travis Mash