Q&A with Dr. Andy Galpin


Last weekend we had Dr. Andy Galpin in town for the “Olympic Weightlifting Comp Camp: #ScienceMeetsPractical “, so we of course took advantage of having such a brilliant man around. Andy, as he prefers to be called, is the most up to date scientist in the U.S. when it comes to all things strength related. Who better to have answering the questions of our valued followers than the man himself?

Q&A is our favorite type of show because we get to answer your questions. This is the only show that we know 100% you guys are getting the information that you are interested in. Plus it puts us on the hot seat and forces us to answer some hard questions.


So get ready for a barn burner of a podcast as we get to listener questions on training for masters, dealing with limited equipment, getting strong without gaining weight, rep schemes, rest days, and more. We released Coach Travis Mash’s new EBook along with this podcast, “Pull Science”, which you can check out here:

==>  www.mashelite.com/pullingscience/


And we spent a ton of time talking about all aspects of the pull. Listen in to hear more about the most functional exercise on the planet.



  •            Why Dr. Stuart McGill advises to not use the hook grip
  •            Changing body comp later in life
  •            The best “bang for your buck” exercise
  •            Is spinal flexion really that big of a deal?
  •            The only real way to strengthen connective tissue
  •            and more…