Master of the Mundane

By Coach Travis Mash

As summer draws near, our members at LEAN Fitness will shift their goals a bit. Our LEANFit (general functional fitness) members will start working hard to look their best for summer vacations. Our athletes will start busting their tails to get ready for the next school year some high school and some college. Our weightlifters and powerlifters will continue their never-ending quest for strength. There are several common elements to our program that bring these three groups harmoniously together such as: movement, work ethic, and focus. However today we are going to discuss the one trait that defines all of our successful members/athletes, and that is being a ‘master of the mundane’.

This is not a term that I coined. However it is one that I discuss with all of my athletes and LEANFit members. You know, I am going to use the word ‘athlete’ to describe all of our members because I can promise that all of our members are treated like athletes. As far as I am concerned, they are all athletes. You can ask Bonnie, our 60+-year-old cancer survivor, and she will tell you that she is an athlete. She performs movement prep. She squats, jumps, and runs, and now she is in the best shape of her life.

OK I went a little off track, but I had to clear the ‘athlete’ thing up. All of our athletes are told to become ‘masters of the mundane’ if they want to achieve truly amazing results. We don’t have athletes that simply want to spin their wheels. Our people want to achieve their goals, and our coaches aren’t going to sugarcoat the process required to get there. It takes way more than just showing up for a one-hour class 2-3 times per week.

It doesn’t matter if you are getting ready for the Olympics or Myrtle Beach. True fitness goals require a combination of:

  • Strength training
  • Movement preparation
  • Optimal mobility and stability
  • Proper nutrition
  • Rest and Recovery that matches the amount of work you are putting in
  • Work capacity (the amount of work that you are capable of performing in a given amount of time needs to increase year in and year out for improvements to be realized)
  • Cardiovascular training- everything is made better with a stronger oxidative system

If you want to see improvements, the time you spend at the gym is just the beginning. It’s not about what you are doing when one of our coaches is watching you. It’s about what you are doing when they are not watching you. How much sleep are you getting? Are you putting those extra miles on the rower? Are you making better choices at the dinner table?

Our coaches can’t do those things for you. We are there to guide, educate, and motivate you, and then the rest is up to you. Right now, we have four athletes on Team USA for USA Weightlifting set to travel the world this year, and we have at least three more that look to make a bid for Team USA. We have 7-8 current and future collegiate athletes training at our facility. We have athletes like Bonnie that at 60-years-old she is off all medications, increasing bone density, and feeling the best she has ever felt, and kicking cancer in the you-know-what. Each day we provide programming, but it’s the other information that we provide that yields the most results. We help with nutrition, recover, and muscular balance to name a few.

However, nothing really matters unless the athlete is ready to put the information to use. Listen we are not Planet Fitness. I am not going to sell you on a bunch of lies. I am not going to feed you pizza, and then tell you that you will lose weight as long as you walk on a treadmill. Those are lies, and I am not about that. I have made a living delivering results not lies. Strength coaches from all over the world use my books and articles to expand their tool boxes for their athletes because they know I deliver results not false promises. That’s the same thing that we bring to all of our athletes at LEAN, young and old.

My goal for this article is to motivate you all to take responsibility for your own fitness and athletic goals. No coach on planet earth can do these things for you. We can only provide the blueprint like an architect, and then you become the builder. We believe in each of our members/athletes at LEAN. We will continue to provide all of you with the best information in the Triad to build the body of your dreams. We are excited to watch all of you become Masters of the Mundane!

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