LEAN Fitness At Home Workouts


Who says that you need a gym to workout? Here are three workouts that you can do in your own home or back yard. They are simple, don’t take a lot of time, and don’t require a $1000 in equipment. We might own a gym, but we still want all of you reading this to get in shape with or without us. That’s our mission!


I’ll go over them one at a time.


Workout #1


Workout 1
Air Squats 10 Reps
Push-ups 10 Reps
Burpees 10 Reps
3 Rounds for Time


This is the most basic workout on earth, but it is very effective. Air squats are simply bodyweight squats. Make sure that you sit straight down, keep the knees aligned with the toes, and keep a flat back. If you are struggling to maintain a good posture, use a chair or stool to sit on.


Push-ups can be performed like normal or on one’s knees. Burpees are great to get the heart rate going.


There are several ways to progress:


  • Add a small kettlebell or dumbbell to the squats
  • Increase the number of reps by 2-5
  • Increase the number of sets by 1 or 2
  • Go faster



Workout #2


With this one you will need a back yard with a little space. Here goes:


Workout 2
Lunges 30 Yards x 2
Bear Crawl 30 yards
Sprint 30 yards
Supermans 10 reps
3 Rounds for Time


Bear Crawls are performed on one’s hands and feet like a bear walks while trying to keep one’s torso as flat as possible. If your butt is way up in the air, it defeats the benefits to the core.


Supermans are a simple way to strengthen the posterior chain. They are to be performed lying prone (on the belly). The arms should be straight out in front with the thumbs pointed up. The forehead should be resting gently on the floor or ground. While leaving the neck at a neutral state, simply lift the arms and legs off the ground and hold 3 seconds each rep.


Once again this workout can be easily progressed in the following ways:


  • Increase distance or reps
  • Increase sets
  • Or go faster



Workout 3


For this workout you will need a couple of kettlebells and a jump rope. All of this can be purchased from Walmart for cheap.   Here’s what it looks like:


Workout 3
KB Goblet Squats 10 reps
KB Bentover Rows 10 reps
KB OH Carry 30 yards ea hand
Jump Rope 30 jumps
3 Rounds For Time


Here’s a pic of the Goblet Squat:





Once again if you have trouble maintaining a neutral spine or knees, then use a stool or chair. The overhead carries can be done with one kettlebell or one in both hands. The key is to maintain a neutral spine and solid posture at all times.


Ways to progress:


  • Add weight
  • Add reps or distance
  • Add sets


I hope these workouts get you going in the right direction. Obviously if you live anywhere near the LEAN Fitness Facility in Lewisville, NC, we would love for you to workout with us. If you want to try it out, email us at LeanFitnessSystems@gmail.com for a FREE Week Trial by mentioning this article.



Whether you train with us, on your own, or somewhere else, we hope that all of you take control of your fitness goals.



Coach Travis Mash

Co-Owner LEAN Fitness Systems