Healthy Chocolate

By Rebekah Tilson

So there’s not a whole lot to do in the great Carolina when you’re snowed in, well iced-in. I finally understand what going stir crazy feels like. This Florida girl kind of has no idea how to drive in these conditions (and kind of forgot to turn on the defroster for the first five minutes of the drive home- picture someone hanging out their car window trying to scrape ice off their windshield at a red light!).

A positive of this ridiculously northern experience was I learned how to make chocolate from scratch. And “healthy” chocolate at that!

The results were quite delicious! I’ve also added some dried berries and nuts in other versions.


~1/2 C coconut oil (pre-melt)

3.5 T cocoa powder

2-3 T coconut palm sugar OR honey (you can make it as sweet as you’d like)

~1/2 tsp cinnamon

Dash ginger

Splash vanilla


Melt coco oil on low heat. Add cocoa powder until dissolved. Add remaining ingredients, stir. Line pan with foil (I used a loaf pan to get the chocolate a bit thicker). Make sure to either spray your pan with evoo spray or spread some extra coco oil so the chocolate pops out. Freeze for ~20 min, cut and enjoy!

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