Getting in Shape One Choice at a Time


Life is all about choices. That is a cliché phrase that we have all heard. However, it’s a cliché phrase that rings true. If we make wise financial decisions on a daily basis, one day we will be financially secure. The same thing holds true for our health. If we make wise decisions regarding our health on a daily basis, one day soon we will be healthier and feel better.


So why don’t we make better decisions? That’s easy. We have formed bad habits, and they will need to be changed one at a time. The easiest way to do this is by “Journaling”. A journal is an easy way to see your own established patterns. I have had so many people tell me:


“I eat healthy, and I don’t eat a lot of food. However, I still gain weight. What’s wrong with me?”


Obviously I already know that they aren’t telling the truth with one or both of these statements. It’s not that people simply lie. They just don’t realize how much they are eating, or they forget about the snacks they are eating. Journaling is a way to keep track, so that one can see what is really going on. Normally people are surprised about what is really going on.


Once you’ve established a pattern, now you can start changing those patterns one at a time. LEAN Fitness is about changing lifestyles not diets. We want everyone reading this to take steps towards a healthier lifestyle, and one day we want you to be transformed. Our goal is for all of you to pass this on to the people that you love, and hopefully one person at a time we can make the world a healthier place.


Let’s look at some small steps that all of you can take:


  • Replace soda with water
  • Have a soda every other day instead of daily
  • Have vegetables with every meal
  • Each your vegetables first
  • Don’t go back for seconds
  • Cut out or limit fast food
  • Make healthier decisions while eating out
  • When eating out order your meat dry grilled
  • Cook with coconut oil instead vegetable oil
  • Eat on a smaller plate
  • Drink two cups of water before eating


Those were related to nutrition. Let’s look at activity or fitness:


  • Count your daily steps and try to increase
  • Take a daily walk, run, or combo first thing in the morning
  • Get up earlier to fit it all in.
  • Join a gym or buy some fitness equipment
  • Start doing yoga first thing after the walk


These are just a few decisions that you guys can start making to improve your overall health.   Remember overall health will give you more energy and confidence that transfers to your business and family. It all starts with decisions.

Let’s make you first wise and healthy decision to be keeping a journal. Get started today!


If you want us to help you with your fitness goals, email us at for a FREE Assessment and Workout. Our mission is to be your source of education regarding health and fitness.


If you live near us in Lewisville, NC, we hope that you will give us a shot. If you don’t, we hope that we can help from afar. It’s all about leaving this world a bit better than we found it.


Coach Travis Mash