LEAN Metabolic Boot Camp

  When?: Saturday December 15th  10am until 10:45am

 How Much?:   FREE

 What Is It?:

  • 30-45 Minutes
  • Mobility Warm Up
  • High Intensity Interval Training
  • Metabolic Conditioning
  • Burn Fat
  • Body Weight Strengthening Exercises
  • Strengthen and Shape the Body
  • Move better
  • Leave the class feeling better than ever
  • Have lots of fun

This class is for people wanting to burn fat, shape the body, strengthen the bones and musculature, get in shape, move better, feel better, and have fun. We’re excited to offer this new class, and we look forward to growing this new community.

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Snatch and Pull Clinic

Come learn from Coach Mash himself! The clinic will begin at 11am and will include 3 hours of instruction.
Snatch and Pulling Combo Clinic

Saturday, December 15th from 11am-2pm

Basic Progressions and Regressions of the Snatch
Top Down Approach
Focus on the Start Bottom Up
Mechanics of the Pull as they relate to the Deadlift, Snatch, and Clean
Ways to Strengthen the Pull
Sumo versus Conventional
Athletic Benefits of each Movement
Hands on

About the Instructor:
Coach Travis Mash, USA Weightlifting Senior International Coach, 3 Time Team USA Head Coach

Assisted by:
Crystal McCullough, MSN, RN, CSCS, USAW, CFL2

Jump Higher and Sprint Faster from Work in the Weight Room

Saturday, January 12th 10am – 1pm

We all know that the weight room is a place to get bigger, stronger, and faster. However, when it comes to athletic performance, what are the best movements to perform in the weight room that will transfer to better play on the field? We will take the latest scientific data and deliver it in a way that all of you can put it to use right away.

Topics Cover:

Most Impactful Exercises
Technique of the movements that delivers the best results
How to vary the movements for more specificity
Accessory movments that will aid in athletic performance
Accessory movements that will keep athletes on the field and out of the training room.
Sample Programming

Coach Travis Mash has spent decades studying the barbell. He is one of the few people – if not the only one – to bridge the worlds of athletic performance, powerlifting, and Olympic weightlifting.