A L.E.A.N. Life

by Coach Travis Mash

In this article:

2015 was an incredible year for my strength and fitness.  The Squat Every Day program allowed me to lift weights that I hadn’t lifted in over 12 years.  I was also able to move better and find time for some fitness.  However since then, my time has gone 100% to growing my team, supporting my family, and spending time with my family.

In April 2016, I was the Head Men’s Coach for Team USA at the Junior Pan American Championships.  Kevin Simons, Coach of the then 16-year-old phenom Harrison Maurus, was coaching on this trip as well.  Kevin inspired me to find balance once again.  This time my goals are a little different.

Fast Forward to 2019, my wife just delivered my fourth child Magnolia in February.  I am 45-years-old.  That means I will be 63-years-old when Baby Mash #4 enters college.  I want to be active and in shape for this child.  I don’t want to be the grumpy old man sitting around in his chair all day. 

Ms. Magnolia

Another motivating factor is that all the middle-aged men and women in the country struggle to find balance in their lives.  There is nothing better than inspiring an entire population to improve their lives.  Remember this key statement, “Life is not about achieving success.  It’s about what you do with that success.”

The goal at L.E.A.N. Fitness is about turning your life around and finding balance.  However, it’s not about finding the balance that I define.  You must identify and define the things that are important in your life.  If you just try to get in shape because I tell you that you should, you will fail 100% of the time.  If you get in shape to better support your family, well now you have a mission.

Step 1 Define what’s important in your life.  Here are the important things for me:

Once you have defined the important things in your life, now it’s time to plug them in on the calendar.  You can’t just say that you want to do all these things.  You have to plan and coordinate.  It’s not easy, but nothing awesome is ever easy.  However, I can promise the closer you get to balance the happier you will be. 

Here’s a typical day for me:


5am to 8am- write a blog, analyze videos, answer emails, and work on programs

8am to 10am- family time and breakfast together

10am to noon- workout

noon until 3p work on some new books that I am writing

3p until 6p Coach my crazy athletes

6p until 8p family time and dinner

8p until 9p bedtime and story time for my young ones. (I love to read to my children.)

9p study the word, prayer and sleep. (However I am considering moving this to the morning)

Everything has to be scheduled.  If not, something will always get skipped, and normally that is working out or time with the family.  I don’t want to skip either of those.  Therefore they have to be an appointment on my calendar, so I can’t schedule anything in their place. 

I can definitely tell you from experience that balance causes me to be better at everything.  If I am not working out, I don’t coach as well.  If I don’t spend time with my family, I am grumpy with the world.  If I don’t spend time with God, then I question everything that I am doing.  You get the point.

My workouts have changed drastically since last year.  I still squat frequently, but the focus isn’t just strength.  I want to improve my cardiovascular system.  I want to move better.  I want to improve my bodyweight strength and target my weaknesses. 

My workouts normally take 60-75 minutes.  I have cut out all the fat.  That means if I don’t absolutely need to do it, I throw it out.  Here’s what a typical day looks life:


Front Squat to a max with a pause (I will perform mobility and activation work during the warm up sets to save time)

Bench Press 3×5, work up to a single, and then another down set of 10

Bodyweight Met Con: Pull-Ups, Dips, and Lunges x 3-4 sets

Cardio 30 minutes

Last week I added in some snatch and clean & jerk.  I will probably perform those movements twice per week.  I also ran my first mile yesterday.  Guys it takes less than 10 minutes to run a mile.  We can all make time for that.

I am also going to add in yoga, stability work, and more mobility work specific to my needs.  Like I said none of my workouts take more that 75 minutes.  Here are the keys to a fast and effective workout:

Nutrition has been a big part of this whole thing.  My amazing wife helps me with this part.  I will be honest.  My nutrition isn’t perfect, but I have made amazing strides.  It’s a lifestyle.  It’s not a diet.  It’s making a decision to drink water instead of coke.  It’s avoiding fast food.

So far, here are some of the changes that I have made:

Next week, I am going to start tracking macros.  However I am going to guesstimate with specific parameters in mind.  For example, if a chicken breast fits in the palm of your hands, that’s about 4oz.  I don’t have the time to measure everything, and truthfully I don’t want to measure everything.  I will write about the results of this experiment in the next few weeks.

I love coaching athletes, but I am very excited to motivate the people of the world to take back their lives.  Nearly two-thirds of adults in America are considered obese.  I can’t sit back and watch all of those people eat their way into the casket.  I want to inspire them to get off the couch, into the gym, and spending more quality time with their family.

This is my new mission.  I hope that all of you will follow along with this journey.  My prayer is that all of you will try to inspire the people that you can influence.  Let’s work together to get people strong, in shape, and healthy. 

The mission at L.E.A.N. is to help each of our members reach his or her goal. Whether you are a 40-year-old accountant, or a young athlete trying to get a Division I Scholarship, we want to help you reach that goal.  My goal for the second half of 2019 is to inspire all the adults in the world to take back their lives.  I want to see more balance leading to more joy and happiness. 

Let’s learn to live a L.E.A.N. Life!

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