10 Easy Tips for Weight Loss

by Coach Travis Mash


My wife, Emily Drew Mash, is the queen of weight loss. She has battled her weight into submission, but it wasn’t easy. She gets it. She has tried everything, and today I am going to give you her top ten simple ways to lose weight in a healthy way.

10 Tips for long-term weight loss


  1. Drink 2 8oz. glasses of water as soon as you wake up every morning AND drink 2 8oz. glasses of water 10 minutes before lunch and dinner.
  2. Eat foods that are high in fiber; they will help satisfy you with a smaller portion and keep you satisfied longer. Include around 20 grams of fiber in your diet each day. Examples: fruits and vegetables in place of chips/ pretzels or as a snack, cereals that are high in fiber: fiber one (14g per serving), special K protein plus (5g per serving), oatmeal (around 3g per serving)
  3. Almond milk is a great alternative to skim- milk. (only 60 calories per cup) You can drink it, eat it in cereal or coffee, and cook with it just like regular milk.
  4. Eat on a smaller plate. At every meal, try to fill half with vegetables.
  5. Eat your vegetables first. The fiber in them makes you feel fuller faster.
  6. Splurge once every week or two. Eat well most of the time, but allow yourself to indulge occasionally.
  7. If you want to eat something, wait 20 minutes. If you still really want it, then eat it. Most of the time you won’t want it after 20 minutes
  8. Limit sugar intake. If you drink soft drinks: STOP now. When buying groceries aim for 10 grams of sugar per serving or less.
  9. Reduce portion sizes. Serve yourself half or two-thirds of what you think you might want to eat. After you drink 2 glasses of water this smaller portion will satisfy you.
  10. Exercise for weight loss. (Examples: circuit training, strength training, intervals. Cardio will burn calories but should NOT be your only focus for weight loss)


Weight loss doesn’t have to be this impossible thing especially at first. Start your journey with these ten common sense ways of kick starting your weight loss. It’s a process, so enjoy the journey.

I hope that this article helps you get on the path to weight loss. We’d love to help you with that journey. Email us at leanfitnesssystems@gmail.com with questions or to set up a time to visit. Mention this article for a FREE Assessment and Workout.